Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Raised Garden Bed

After a nearly three-month home project lull and two week vacation, we jumped right back into DIY projects. Well, some of us may have been dragged -- but let's not point fingers.

First up: a raised garden for the backyard. This is a progression from our playground garden of last year that consisted of herbs, tomatoes and peppers. We had the following cut at Home Depot:

2 10-foot lengths of 2x8 boards
2 3-foot lengths of 2x8 boards
4 12-inch 4x4 posts

We adapted ours after the one found here at Sunset.com. You can find detailed instructions there or use my highly technical explanation below.

Secure boards and posts together to make a big rectangle with short, stubby legs.
See -- that wasn't so hard, was it?
Dig holes to fit the four posts. This photo may or may not be upside down.
Place the legs in the holes.
Fill with approx. 12 bags of soil. Make sure you have someone strong like Mr. VB to carry all those bags. They are heavy!
Plant way too much fruit, veggies and herbs for your little space.

Total cost of the project (with lumber, soil, truck rental and plants) was just under $200. But, think of the cash we'll save on eggplant, squash, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, brussel sprouts, basil, oregano, rosemary, and strawberries. Have you seen the price of a strawberry lately? And, don't even get me started on tomatoes.