Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red Cross Vintage Suitcase Tutorial

I'm currently obsessed with the Pacific Northwest and during one of my recent internet searches, I came across Seabold Vintage Market. It's located on Bainbridge Island in Washington -- and is exactly the type of shop I would love to have some day.

I absolutely love this Red Cross necklace they have:

Red Cross Necklace from Seabold Vintage

And this Red Cross pillow made from vintage linen...

Red Cross Pillow from Seabold Vintage

All the red cross symbols inspired me to do a make-over on an old suitcase I picked up for $15 at the antique store. It's the third suitcase and/or trunk I've picked up in several weeks. Jeff is questioning whether they are really a trend right now, or if I am just getting ready to move out. I like to keep him on his toes.

I've also been wanting to try out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on a suitcase. They say you can paint anything with, here's my victim:

It's really sturdy and the leather is rugged and worn. I hadn't even payed close attention to the plate on the front until Jeff pointed it out to me. Amelia Earhart Luggage. Very cool!

The interior was stained, so I ripped it all out.

I taped up everything I didn't want painted. 

Then, I took out my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and gave the suitcase a nice thick coat.

I printed off the Red Cross symbol on cardstock, taped around the cardstock, removed the template and painted the exposed symbol with ASCP in Emperor's Silk.

Once it was dry, I pulled all of the tape off....and fell in LOVE!

Even Jeff said, "Wow!"

I still have to fix the inside (my Mod Podge plan was a BIG fail), but I loooove how the outside turned out. The paint took to the suitcase very well and totally transformed it! I would love to hear other non-furniture ASCP projects people have done...let me know!

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  1. Great piece - I have what I think is an army first aid kit and love the decorative quality of it. Your large one is wonderful and has me looking at my vintage suitcases in a whole new light.

  2. Oh how I ADORE this! It's so simple yet so very striking. I can't wait to red cross something but never thought to do up a suitcase. Cool. :)

    Shared all over the land for SNS 147. :)


  3. I have my grandmas vintage red cross volunteer uniforms from the forties that would look great with this. They are in mint condition. I honestly would have kept the suitcase as is and looked for another one that wasn't an Earhart . But I still love what you did with it. Those cases are going for @50.00 around in Michigan!! You def got a bargain!!!

  4. This suitcase is really nice, you had a great idea with the red cross, it's wonderful.

  5. I love how this turned out. I have a suit case that needs a revamp. I tried painting it with regular paint.FAIL.
    I don't purchase ASCP-- outside the budget for us. But I do have success with DIY Chalk Paint. Maybe I'll try this on mine.
    Probably won't be Red Cross. But, you have certainly inspired me. I love your's but hate to copy, you know?

    ...via I LOVE THAT JUNK! Pat

  6. Oh, this came out wonderful! I love it. I am inviting you: Come link it up with us at the party

  7. Love the Red Cross Symbol.
    so cute!

  8. Oh my - I love everything about your Red Cross suitcase project and tutorial. I for one am going to recreate this for my college age daughter who is also a lifeguard. This will be the perfect storage piece in her room and a great place to store all those red bathing suits.

  9. Great idea and creativity! Super cute, Jessi!