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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shop Envy: Seabold Vintage Market

I've had a serious case of Shop Envy for years. Eight years ago I walked into a local, popular home decor shop and thought, "Now, THIS is the type of store I would like to own. Someday." 

What started as a fleeting thought eight years ago is now a reality. As we were getting our brick & mortar ready, we scoured photos of our fave shops for inspiration. Having a little Shop Envy is what pushed & molded our business. It gives us the inspiration to step outside our boundaries and grow creatively and professionally. Until we started this journey, I didn't realize just how much work it was. We have a long way to go, but it's been exciting, stressful, crazy, and exhilarating so far. 

Whether you are hoping to start your own business, or currently have a small shop, or love to travel and visit unique, small boutiques...this series is for you:

Our little shop has changed so much in just the few months we've been open. Here's what it looked like when we signed the lease:

And this is what it looked like 30 days later:

We like to think of it as our starter home. We opened small, with our own savings and no loans. There's alot of our ultimate vision we've had to put on hold. As we grow, we hope to make our shop bigger and better for our customers. (And, hopefully a separate space for Jeff to build tables. Dust has taken over my life.)

One of the very first shops I started following was Seabold Vintage Market from Bainbridge Island, Washington. We are eyeing the Pacific NW for retirement, so I think I happened upon SVM while looking for retirement homes (yes, I know that's like 35 years away. It's never too early to start looking). They offer clean, fresh vintage finds.

Seabold Vintage Market
They also have a love for the red cross (not to mention ironstone, antlers, vintage grainsacks and cutting boards). It's on my top 5 shops to visit. Maybe top 2. (Technically, they do markets and online vintage sales. So, my goal is to visit a Pac NW vintage market they are apart of).

Seabold Vintage Market

Seabold Vintage Market
Editor's Note: A certain someone's birthday is coming up. The necklace above would make an excellent present. If that certain someone's husband (and business partner) happens to read this, you can follow the links provided in this post for more information.

I don't know why I'm drawn to the red cross...I just am. The red is so bold against the bright white. I love it. SVM inspired me to do these pieces.

Red Cross Suitcase
The dresser sold quickly and after two years, the suitcase is finally for sale (I've had a hard time parting with it). It's hand painted on a vintage Amelia Earhart suitcase. Love it!

Let me know...what are some of your favorite small home decor boutiques to visit?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shop Update & Preview

Let me start by apologizing for the following crappy photos. My favorite little camera decided it was tired of my incessant need to photograph furniture painting, food and my dogs, and has decided it would rather live in the world of dead cameras. May it RIP.

Besides my crappy iPhone camera, my only other option is our DSLR. I know I need to start using it more, but, it's kinda a pain. This sounds like something I shouldn't be complaining about, so I'll move on...

Things are moving along at the new store front. We spend last weekend painting the walls. We chose a light gray (although the pics make it look really isn't).

We bought the two dividers you see below from the previous owner. We'll be using them to section off our work space in the back from the rest of the store. I'm painting them with chalkboard paint, so I can keep them updated with upcoming classes, special offerings, love notes, etc.

 Today I started staining crates we'll be using to create a shelf/wall. Here's the inspiration:

Source / Source
AND, here's where I am. I've discovered that staining 14+ crates is a very tedious chore. But, they are going to look pretty cool when it's done. (Well, it's what I repeat to myself anyway).

 Red Door Furniture Co.

In my spare time, I've been painting furniture and running around St. Louis and St. Charles counties looking for super awesome finds for the shop. There's already a few things that I'm going to have a hard time parting with. But, that's what it's all about!

I'm hoping to take some pics this weekend of more stuff...but, here's a peek of a few things.

Red Door Furniture Co.

Red Door Furniture Co.

Red Door Furniture Co.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green with Indie Preview

Paint. Sew. Strip. Stain. Sleep. Wine. Whine. Repeat.

That's been life around our house lately. We're not only getting ready for our first show of 2013, Green with Indie, but we're also working on a very unique custom order. Once we get it all finished up, we'll be sharing all of the details. Until then, here's a sneak peek:

door table

Our inventory in our Etsy store has been pretty low as we're stock piling stuff for GWI. We've been working on alot of really cool, upcycled and repurposed home goodies (it's what GWI is all about). I thought I would share some of the stuff we'll be bringing. There's still a couple of cool pieces made from old boat wood that we'll be bringing, but here's a couple other things:

Chalkboard made from antique cabinet door and handmade pillows made from vintage grain sacks.

Corkboard made from an old mirror. Distressed with ASCP

Handpainted, distressed and waxed Union Jack on canvas

Large pillow made from coffee grain sack and vintage grain sack scraps
Chalkboard upcycled from antique mirror. Handpainted and distressed.

Antique letterpress side table with hairpin legs

Side table with antique sewing machine legs

Side table with antique sewing machine legs

Stool recovered in coffee grain sack
Coffee table made from old door on hairpin legs

Paris cabinet door side table

Friday, February 8, 2013

Latest Finds & Exciting New Project

So, we completely sat on our bums in January. Didn't lift a finger to do anything besides watch reruns of Honey Boo Boo Downton Abbey. And, here we are. Sprinting into February. Trying to finalize some custom orders AND get ready for our first show of 2013, Green with Indie.

Out of our minds, right? (I'm talking about the Honey Boo Boo part, not the procrastination).

So, now we're in crunch mode. In December, we launched a custom order program for our dining room tables, where the customer joins us as we hunt for their perfect table. I love the idea of customers being apart of the story of their table.

Last weekend, we headed out for the first time to meet our new customers at Fellenz Antiques in the Central West End. It's a huge warehouse packed to the roof with doors, spindles, old architectural findings, windows, name it, he probably has it.

Fellenz Antiques in the CWE
The couple came to us wanting a shadow box coffee table. During the course of our search, we happened upon the doors below (forgive me for the bad iPhone pic). The first one has leaded glass and the second one is identical, but features a mirror instead.

The idea is to use both doors for the table -- one as a lower "shelf" and the other for the top. Some sturdy architectural legs were found to support it. It will be a truly unique piece and we're looking forward to getting started on it!

While we were there, I ran across this old cabinet door. I love the arch and it still has the original lock on the front -- it will make a really cute chalkboard menu board.

 Jeff spotted these old sewing machine legs. Just a little TLC and they will make great legs for a side table or sofa table.

Now that we are stocked up, it's time to get to work! Of course, all work and no play is no fun. We also got our first taste of snow last weekend. And we love to run in the snow!



Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Prepping for Artopy

So, here we are. A few days before our last show of 2012, Artropy. Our online sales have been a bit slow lately, even though it's the gift giving, I was prepping myself with the idea that people don't give tables or home items as gifts.

Then the Monday AFTER Cyber Monday hit -- and we sold a ton of stuff. Depleting our Artropy stash!

No worries. We've been holding back on a bunch of stuff I'm excited to showcase this Saturday. And, we'll have some stuff that if I don't get rid of it now, I'll be using as gifts for my friends and family (you've been warned!)

Here's a peek at what we've been working on and what we'll be bringing with us.

Jeff has been working on a new table. It's a new style and finish and I'm really loving how it's turning out.

We sanded the top down to bare wood, leaving the middle panels the original color.

The original stain had a bit of a reddish tint and shine, so we sanded and distressed those slightly. It gave it a much worn look. Here it is without the trim around the door's edges.

The legs and skirt are stained a dark brown. Jeff trimmed out the edges of the door, giving it a more polished look. We'll be staining the bare wood a light color, so the table has some contrast. We'll also be placing glass in each of the panels.

I can't wait until it's finished!

I've been working on some glass ornaments. They are filled with carefully chosen creamy bits of antique books, music paper, glitter, vintage garland, glitter, old buttons and pearls. Each time you turn the glass the contents shift a bit and you see a different piece. They look so pretty on the tree.

Our wine bottle wall hangings have been very popular. We sold out at the Chandler Hill Winery event and a couple more this week. The only downside is that the more we sell, the more I have to drink (we like to use the same type of recycled bottle).

Which, I guess that isn't really a downside, is it? Would that make the wine a tax write-off?

Then, there's these little guys. I think they are the cutest in the world. Apparently I am the only one. We'll have these on-hand with some little holiday gift tags.

If you are in the St. Louis area on Saturday, stop out and see us. In addition to the dozens of amazing crafters, there's complimentary wine and beer and cats. Although, I don't think the cats are complimentary. Why don't you come on out and see for yourself?