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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Would You Rather...Wednesday

Thanks for all the great feedback on last week's Would You Rather... Jeff has added a letterpress tray side table to his to-do list. We'll share pics soon!

This week's Would You Rather is more of a home decor question. I've always loved different color front doors. Why have a boring ol' white door like everybody else, when you can have a bright blue, yellow or teal green? Or, what about orange?

A couple of years ago, we painted our front door red. It had nothing to do with our future ambitions. We debated between several colors (most of the inside of our home is blue and it's by far our fave color). In the end, we liked the brightness of red (and it goes well with the color of our house).

Little did I know, in Feng Shui, a red front door means “welcome.” Interestingly, in early American tradition, it means the very same thing. In fact, if a home had a red front door, tired travelers who might be traveling by horse and buggy would know the home was a place where they would be welcomed to stop and spend the night or rest.

So...this week's question is this -- whether you've already taken your favorite hue to your front door or are still thinking about taking the plunge, Would You Rather go green? Or blue? Or RDFCo. red? Click here to head on over to our Facebook page and vote (or leave me your thoughts below!)

(And, if you are considering red, here's a couple of my favorite red doors.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Would You Rather...Wednesday

Jeff and I are always looking for feedback from friends and family on ideas (whether it's tables, paint colors, or finds we think are cool, but others are like "eh"), so, we're starting a new weekly series here at Behind the Red Door called Would You Rather...

Every Wednesday, we'll be asking for your input and feedback on projects we are working on. We'll give some of our thoughts on the blog, then ask you to head on over to our Facebook page to vote on your favorite idea. Of course, you're welcome to leave thoughts in the comments below. All feedback will be taken to heart - so, let's hear it!

First up....

I've been on the look out for months for vintage letterpress trays. Now don't get me wrong...they are all over the place. Unfortunately, sellers have picked up on their popularity and I don't want to pay a high price. I've seen them for upwards of $50. Some in bad shape for $30.

A few weeks ago I went to my first estate sale. I got there about an hour after it started, so most of the good stuff was gone. Everything was labeled...except for a lone letterpress tray, hanging on the wall. I snatched it up and brought it to check out. It's estimated value? $5. Sold!

Last weekend, I ran across another one for $25. It was in great condition and had the cutest little handle on the side, so I grabbed that one, too.

So, my questions is -- how would you use a vintage letterpress tray? We've got a few ideas we are kicking around. But, would you rather use it as a table?

Or to display jewelry?

Or display your favorite collection of small trinkets?


Click here to head on over to our Facebook page and let us know how you would incorporate it in your decor!