Monday, July 28, 2014

Behind the Red Door: Savannah

After an 11-day marathon session of getting our new shop space open (more pics on that to come!), Jeff and I hit the road for a little R&R. Our favorite stop, by far, was Savannah. From the hanging Spanish moss to the historic Savannah Squares to cheese grits, I was in love with this city. Not to mention that it's not only legal, but highly encouraged, to walk around and drink adult beverages in the streets. Why had we not visited sooner?

It's a very walkable city and we did a ton of walking, taking in all of the historic homes and architecture (it also helped walk-off my daily dose of cheese grits and Chatham Artillery Punch). It didn't take us long to notice all of the beautiful, red doors. Obviously we had to snap pics of as many as we could!

Seeing all of these homes with red doors reminded us of how boring our front door is right now.

Following our stay in Savannah, we attended a blog conference and met the nice people from Modern Masters. They just happen to make a no-fade door paint. In bright red (it's called Ambitious). A week later, look what showed up at our front door:

What do you think...should we go for it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Marble Top Step Down Dresser in Kitchen Scale

Sometimes, you just get that feeling, ya know? I've been in major need of a new Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint display. I knew immediately that this old, marble top step down dresser was going to looove milk paint.

And it didn't disappoint!

Marble Top Step Down Dresser in MMSMP Kitchen Scale

Here's it is before. The marble tops come off and are HEAVY! Trust me. I almost broke my foot. (And, now I know why the bottom of the top drawer has a crack in it).

It's missing its mirror, but I love how there are two height levels on the top. Great for showing off all of our MMSMP products! And the marble is in beautiful condition!

I did no sanding and no prep (and no bonding agent). The drawers are painted in Kitchen Scale (one of my favorite colors). I mixed in a little Ironstone and used that for the outer frame. It gives is just a bit of contrast.

Marble Top Step Down Dresser in MMSMP Kitchen Scale

This dresser chipped up beautifully! I couldn't have asked for a better piece to demonstrate just what MMSMP can do. It got a light smoothing with sandpaper and a coat of furniture wax.

Marble Top Step Down Dresser in MMSMP Kitchen Scale

I didn't want the knobs to be a distraction, so I found these glass knobs at Hobby Lobby. Perfect!

Marble Top Step Down Dresser in MMSMP Kitchen Scale
Marble Top Step Down Dresser in MMSMP Kitchen Scale
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