Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Antiquing at a Fave Spot

I know I've mentioned how much I love hitting up antique and junk stores. You just never know what you'll find. This week, Junk Bonanza, will be taking place in my home state of MN. While I'm super disappointed not to be making the trip (Mom, I've got the Spring dates already on my calendar! Can I sleep on the couch?), I had some time last weekend to do a little digging here in St. Louis.

What's that over there?
I thought these plastic cups were cute. Mostly, I loved the packaging and marketing. "Add sparkle to your get together." These cups are break, scratch and chip resistant. Something I definitely need.

The Sociables
This leather briefcase had just the perfect amount of wear and tear.

Vintage Leather Briefcase
Dress forms and mannequins are really popular right now...but, usually pretty pricey! I thought this one was wonderfully vintage.

Dress Form
This old time card organizer would be perfect for outgoing bills and letters.

Time card organizer
This vintage horse bike was too cute. What little kid wouldn't love riding around on this? Even I was tempted to take it for a spin!

This set of hot air balloon plates would be great for a party. What mini desserts could I put on here?

Hot air balloon plate
I continue to look for printer trays and I found three on this hunt! But, for some reason, I just haven't pulled the trigger and bought one. I might just go back...

Printers tray

 I came across a whole basket of these old shoe stretchers. Totally cool. And at $3 each, an inexpensive addition to a vintage collection.

Antique wooden shoe stretchers
This galvanized basket would be perfect for bottles of wine. Or, maybe some empty bottles filled with flowers for a centerpiece?

Galvanized basket
My suitcase obsession has continued. I picked up the one that is second from the top. We have some cool plans for it....stay tuned!

Vintage suitcases
Finally, who couldn't love this little guy. I think I heard him say "Fill me up with your favorite chowder!"

Mini chowder bowls
Surprisingly, I only walked out with a suitcase. But, after seeing all of these finds again, I think I have to go back for that briefcase and galvanized basket. And, maybe a printers tray....


  1. Oh fun! What are some good STL places to shop?

  2. I love the St. Charles Antique Mall (that's where these photos are from). The ones around Maplewood are always good, too (Treasure Isles, Big Bend Antiques).

    Thanks for visiting!