Friday, January 10, 2014

The Story

Red Door Furniture Co. started from a table Jeff made more than a decade ago. It was made out of an old door his dad found on a job site in downtown St. Louis. He spent hours and hours stripping and sanding the top of the table. By the time he got to the underside, he grabbed the nearest thing he could find...a can of red paint and slapped on a coat. Years later, we named our little company Red Door Furniture Co.

First RDFCo. Table
I've been sharing alot of the new items we will be offering in our shop -- we are trying hard to stick to unique home decor that is handcrafted, restyled or found by us. It's not easy! But, we're building a curated collection where each piece holds it's own little story. Just waiting for you to bring it home and add it to yours!

Today we're going out to look for old doors for dining room tables, sofa tables, bars, name it! We'll be setting up an area of the store where, if we don't have a table in stock that fits your needs, you can select the door that does (as you can see two are ever the same).

This weekend, Jeff will be working on a dining room table that I'm really excited about. We found the door below at a local antique store. It's perfectly chippy and rustic looking. Follow us on Facebook for updates and pics this weekend. I can't wait to see it when it's done!

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